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Why Mobile is Viewed as Mind-Blowing

The mobile industry is growing faster than any other since the entire existence of the human race! The unprecedented explosion of mobile technology has experts mind-boggled and they are throwing around the term “revolution” comparable to the industrial revolution, saying that the use of mobile apps will continue to explode, with more and more consumers relying heavily on apps for virtually everything. This is why we coined the term and named our website According to a Nielsen report released last month, the time that consumers spend using apps has continually increased by 63% over the past two years. That's huge! You can't turn on the TV or radio without seeing Big Business promoting their Mobile Apps. As fully licensed Mobile App Developers, we're making them affordable for businesses of any size. They're booming and we're here to help you grow with this phenom that's taking every industry by storm.

Since the mobile industry transitions so quickly and it’s often difficult to keep up with the shifts in technology, spending, marketing, effectiveness, and consumer behavior, we will continue to collect and curate the most compelling business statistics for you including social media statistics, mobile marketing, SEO, effective lead generation strategies and more.

We hope you find our centralized information to be helpful! Contact us any time for more details.


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