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What's the Relevance of Emails to Mobile Apps?

As a business owner or marketer, you’re probably seeing the percentage of visitors who sign up to your mailing list steadily decline. A 2% subscription rate used to be a reasonable expectation, but now only 0.5% is considered good.

Even though this decline could be due to several factors, statistics show that the rate of mobile users are steadily climbing. Mobile web development studies and statistics reveal that mobile users are much less likely to subscribe to mailing lists than desktop users. That means that as mobile users and mobile traffic increases, your mailing list subscription rate will probably continue to decline further.

So what do mailing lists have to do with mobile apps? Not much ... but then again...a lot, actually! Both are forms of permission-based marketing. These are mediums in which consumers or prospects give you permission to market to them.

If you don’t make money directly or indirectly from your mailing list, then you will not be impacted, but if your mailing list is a substantial part of your sales and revenue or lead generation, you need to take action to recapture and retain the attention of your patrons and prospects.

What does this have to do with mobile apps? Mobile users may not generally subscribe to mailing lists, but they surely do download apps. And once they start using your app, you have the opportunity to deliver targeted marketing messages to them which is much more effective than emails, Facebook or Twitter.

When a consumer downloads your app, they want to and they expect to hear from you. The effectiveness of mobile app Push Notifications creates much more of a branded mental impression compared to texts, emails, or social media.

In fact, apps can be better than mailing lists because the right app can capture data about your customers which can give you valuable insight into your audience. Contact us to learn more.


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