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Your App Can Be Found In Google Searches

Imagine this: A user is searching for information on a local restaurant and Google’s search displays - not only the restaurant’s website - but also a link to its mobile app. The install button is right next to the search results and it takes the user to the Google Play store to install the app.

This is huge! Big News! It is part of Google’s search engine changes that took effect in April of 2015. Now search results allow users to install any apps relevant to the search. Now all mobile searches will be an extension of the Play Store. This greatly benefits all app developers as well as app owners!

Mobile is continually growing exponentially. The best content for any industry can now be found in mobile apps across any platform.

This change by Google allows users to find the best results for their query, regardless of whether or not the app is installed on their device. App promotions and “being found” are some of the biggest challenges for new apps and Google has essentially solved this problem.

Apps offer audience interaction, allow a more personalized branding experience, foster user retention and engagement, and can distribute information in a more efficient way compared to regular online communications tools. Furthermore, most people nowadays are on the go with little or no time to sit in front of a desktop computer to check their inbox or favorite social media sites, but they carry their mobile devices with them almost everywhere and look forward to receiving Push Notes from companies of which they have downloaded apps, so you can reach your app users anywhere - anytime - on any device.

Feel free to contact us at 855-704-7700 or via email: for a free consultation (a $275 value).

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