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Mobile Users Will Buy Your Products And Services

Statistics show that Mobile users are actually more likely to convert to actual sales than any other type of user.

Consumers are now searching for and viewing their favorite businesses on their phones much more often than their desktops computers. Mobile devices are the go to source for research, shopping and interacting with companies and conducting transactions.

Businesses need to quickly meet this changing landscape if they want to remain competitive.You need to get involved in the mobile market if you want to stay relevant in your industry.

Here are a few statistics to consider:

  • 99% of users are accessing mobile for content and information;

  • 63% of internet access is from mobile

  • 62% access email from mobile;

  • 15% make purchases from mobile.

15% might seem low for online purchasing but it's important to remember that 78% of users are using mobile to research sales that then turn into in-person sales. Without the web and more specifically, mobile, you might not have made that sale.

In fact, mobile loyalty company SessionM recently surveyed 12,000 randomly selected US smartphone users regarding their mobile shopping behaviors which revealed that many consumers are actually researching while they are physically shopping. These numbers are only going to surge higher.

The survey results show:

  • 85 percent of respondents said their m-commerce buying was steady or had increased versus a year ago;

  • 15 percent said mobile buying had increased “significantly;

  • 90 percent of respondents said they had made a retail purchase in the past 90 days;

  • 73 percent had made those purchases in a traditional, physical store.

Personal data security and/or poor user experiences (e.g., product images too small) were cited as barriers to the further growth of mobile e-commerce.

However, confirming the findings of many earlier surveys, the top activities on smartphones while in-stores were the following:

  • 54% conducted price comparisons

  • 48% looked up product information

  • 42% checked reviews online

No matter what type of goods and services your business offers, having a mobile-friendly experience for your customer is imperative. Make sure your business is optimized for local search. Secondly, make sure it is also optimized for mobile access. Lastly, think about providing advantages or incentives for the user who uses mobile and helps you generate leads.

Contact us today for a free consultation on the best mobile strategy for your business.

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