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Why Do I Need a Mobile App if I have a Website?

Increase Income and Revenue with a Mobile App!

Mobile Apps typically offer a number of ways to increase income and revenue that websites can't offer in addition to a great deal of functionality that websites cannot offer. Simply stated, mobile websites are an acquisition tool and Apps are a retention tool. Apps give a business the ability to interact with and engage its clients with today's technology with features such as digital loyalty cards, check-in discounts, QR coupons, appointment/reservation settings, mobile food ordering and more.

There are many additional advantages but here are just some of the reasons why your business or organization needs a mobile app!

  • Data from independent​ analytics firms including comScore and Flurry reveal that mobile device users now spend more than 85% of their time in apps instead of mobile websites or online Internet.

  • Push Notes are a great way to send up-to-the-minute messages, specials and valuable information to your app users. When you send a Push Note, the message goes directly to their phone or mobile device and is seen immediately by the recipient. It doesn't get lost in social media feed or remain unread in their email box.

  • Loyalty features keep your users engaged directly with you and your business to create a branded and unique customer experience.

  • Brand Awareness is one of the best reasons for having your own mobile app on everybody's phone! It's similar to a Billboard. The icon keeps your business in front of the consumers whenever they use their device.

  • Your app can be downloaded and used without being connected to WiFi or Internet.

  • Interactive forms such as contests, surveys, or questionnaires can be integrated to gather feedback or keep your users connected and engaged directly with you and your business.

  • Apps are native to smartphones, giving users the option to engage features such as GPS, camera, microphone, dialer, etc. within your app.

  • You are able to engage with your BEST customers at any time and anywhere.

  • Your mobile app messages can be set to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

  • The mailing list tab allows users to sign up for newsletters and other information, and can also be integrated with your online email accounts such as, MailChimp, iContact, Emma, and other services.

  • Having your products and services available through your mobile app means that people can connect with you or buy from you whenever and wherever at their convenience.

If your app only offers the same content as your website, there is almost no point in having an app, however a good mobile web development firm can add interactive features to your app at minimal extra development cost. This makes it easy to promote your app as an entire branded experience, increasing the chance that your mobile website users will download it, which will increase your opportunities for marketing to your customers. Contact us to learn more.


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