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Sensible Mobile Marketing

As of this year (2015), Mobile devices are now officially the top tool for research, shopping, interacting with companies, and conducting business. Therefore, the need for mobile marketing is higher than ever before and brands must quickly meet this challenging and changing business necessity if they want to succeed.

It is important to ensure that your website, email platform, and blog are optimized for mobile. Next on your agenda should be the development and release of your mobile app. You MUST get involved in the mobile market if you want to stay relevant in your industry.

Here are a few statistics to consider:

  • 99% of users are accessing mobile for content and information;

  • 63% of internet access is from mobile;

  • 62% access email from mobile;

  • 15% make purchases from mobile.

These numbers are continually surging higher and higher. 15% may appear low for mobile purchasing but you must remember that 78% of users are using mobile to research information that eventually turn into online or in-person sales. Without the web and more specifically, mobile, you might not have made that sale.

No matter what type of goods and services your business offers, having a mobile-friendly experience for your customer is a must to stay relevant in the future of business engagement. This includes both B2B and B2C business.

For more information, feel welcome to contact us at 855-704-7700 or via email: for a free consultation (a $275 value).

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